Gulf Coast Air & Power offers Kohler Generators for Hurricane Safety

Kohler generatorsIn the event of a hurricane-related power outage, a Kohler generator from Gulf Coast Air & Power provides Mobile, AL homeowners with a reliable power source.

In the summer months, hurricanes can make landfall in Alabama, affecting homeowners in various ways. Power outages are a common occurrence associated with hurricanes and may affect homeowners for many days after the storm. Homeowners can prepare for hurricanes and other severe storms by installing a Kohler generator, which will provide a reliable backup power source for the home in the event of a utility outage.

Gulf Coast Air & Power provides reliable installation of Kohler generators for residential use. Various models are available, offering options that allow homeowners to choose the appropriate equipment for their home size and power demands. Gulf Coast Air & Power’s technicians are available to assist homeowners in assessing their power needs and determine which Kohler generator is best suited to power their home through a hurricane-related power outage.

To ensure Kohler generators will perform as expected during a power outage, Gulf Coast Air & Power offers maintenance services for homeowners. Professional generator includes inspection of mechanical components, engine oil change, connection testing, and more. In addition to professional maintenance, homeowners should regularly perform simple maintenance steps to keep generators operating properly.

• Clear vegetation from the area surrounding the generator to ensure proper ventilation, which prevents the unit from overheating.

• Test batteries to ensure they are fully charged.

• Clean and/or replace the generator’s filter.

Safety is also a concern whenever generators are in use. Owners of Kohler generators should follow the manufacturer’s directions for safe operation of the equipment. Generators should never be operated indoors, as the fuel used to generate electricity creates carbon monoxide. Plan ahead for hurricane power outages by determining how much fuel is needed to power necessary electrical equipment, and have enough fuel on-hand. Fuel should only be stored in approved containers. Homeowners with questions about safe generator operation can contact Gulf Coast Air & Power at (251) 202-7501.

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About Gulf Coast Air & Power

Gulf Coast Air & Power is a heating and air conditioning company located in Mobile, AL, providing dedicated installation and service for air conditioning, heating, indoor air quality, and power systems. Gulf Coast Air & Power is a family owned and operated business which has been serving residents of Mobile and Baldwin Counties since 1987. The company strives to provide quality products and reliable services which increase the comfort and convenience for their customers. Mobile residents choose Gulf Coast Air & Power for their honesty, integrity, and dependability.

Written by Gulf Coast Air and Power June 30, 2014

A Guide To Good Air Quality

Indoor air quality — most homeowners don’t pay much attention to it. In fact, many don’t even realize the quality of air inside affects them. Most people spend a significant portion of their day indoors, especially when the weather is bad and temperatures are low; with such extensive exposure, the quality of your indoor air can really affect how comfortable and healthy you feel.

The air inside your home is full of pollutants. They’re higher in concentration indoors than outside because homes aren’t ventilated well enough to properly dilute them. Pollutants that can be found in most homes include:
• Dirt
• Dust
• Skin cells
• Dander
• Fumes from cleaners, air fresheners, and personal care products
• Mold and mildew
• Pollen
• Cigarette smoke
• Smoke from cooking

Exposure to these pollutants everyday can cause you to feel increased symptoms related to allergies and asthma. They can also worsen the symptoms of colds and respiratory illnesses. Long-term exposure to certain toxic pollutants can cause more serious health problems.
Making some simple changes in your routine can greatly improve the indoor air quality of your home. To rid your home of the pollutants that are making you feel uncomfortable inside, take these measures:
• Clean surfaces regularly
• Wash bedding frequently
• Clean upholstery and window coverings
• Use a vacuum with a high-efficiency filter
• Change the air filter in your furnace at least every 3 months
• Switch to natural cleaners, air fresheners, and personal care products
• Open doors or windows when cooking or using a fireplace
• Keep houseplants indoors for natural filtration

In addition to incorporating these tasks in your household routine, your home’s indoor air quality may also benefit from the use of ultraviolet lights, which can eliminate air quality problems caused by mold. Mold that grows inside the home poses major health risks for your family. Exposure to mold has been linked to upper respiratory tract symptoms, and can cause a number of other problems, including:
• Skin and eye irritation
• Nasal congestion
• Wheezing

Ultraviolet lights are effective for controlling the growth of mold, mildew, bacteria, and other harmful pollutants which can be found in your duct work. Using the same ultraviolet energy that controls pollutant levels outdoors, ultraviolet lights kill existing mold growth inside your duct system and prevent regrowth to keep your family safe.
Ultraviolet lights are long-lasting and low maintenance. They consume only small amounts of energy and can be wired independent of your home’s heating and cooling systems. These lights work around the clock, even when your heating and cooling systems are off, to continually control mold growth in your system.

Written by Gulf Coast Air and Power May 22, 2014

Air Conditioner Tips for Homeowners

Air Conditioner Tips for Homeowners

Homeowners rely on their air conditioning systems to keep their homes comfortable and just plain livable, when outdoor temperatures soar in the summertime. From installing a new unit to troubleshooting your existing air conditioning system, you can benefit from some air conditioning knowledge which will help you keep your home at the perfect temperature all summer long. To find the right model and keep your air conditioner working at its best, follow these air conditioner tips.

Air Conditioner Installation

If your old air conditioner is on its way out or your home is in need of an upgrade, a new air conditioner installation will provide the cooling you need to stay comfortable. There are many brands and models to choose from — how do you go about evaluating your choices? We suggest our customers take a look at these criteria to help make a decision:

  • Size: The size of an air conditioner will determine how efficiently it will work in your home and if it will be capable of cooling your spaces. Air conditioners that are too small or too large will not work effectively. We recommend consulting our technicians to help you determine the appropriate size of your new air conditioner.
  • Efficiency: The efficiency of your new unit will affect your cooling costs for the duration of its service life. Look for the SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) rating, an indication of the model’s efficiency.
  • Special features: Many models of air conditioners have special features that enhance performance, durability, and convenience. You may benefit from selecting a unit that offers quiet operation, or feel more comfortable choosing one that offers superior component technology — the options are seemingly endless.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Make sure your air conditioner is ready to work hard during the summer months by scheduling a professional maintenance tune-up in the spring. Technicians thoroughly inspect your system and provide the care your system’s crucial components need, such as lubricating moving parts and cleaning blower chambers. Just like your car, your air conditioner needs some regular attention to keep it going the extra mile. Also, schedule air conditioner coil cleaning to remove dirt and grime that can be hindering your system’s ability to keep you cool.

In addition to professional maintenance, here are a few things you should be doing regularly to keep your air conditioner performing at its best.

  • Change air filters at least every three months.
  • Keep the area around your outdoor unit clear of debris, vegetation, and yard waste.
  • Keep your condensate drain clean and free of clogs.

Air Conditioner Repair

While many air conditioner problems require professional help to solve, there are some minor issues you can handle yourself to get your unit back up and running sooner, and save money by avoiding a repair bill.

  • Condenser not running? First check to see that the system has power; make sure there are no tripped breakers or blown fuses. Next, check your thermostat for power; replace batteries if necessary. Make sure it is set to ‘cool’ and its temperature setting is lower than the temperature of the home.
  • Condenser turning on and off frequently? Make sure the unit is getting proper air flow; clean the area around the condenser by removing debris and cutting back vegetation.
Written by Gulf Coast Air and Power April 29, 2013
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